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That’s the answer we work hard to secure for you

That’s the answer we work hard to secure for you

A simple need, a simple process and one simple application. That’s all we believe it should take for you to be paired with the right lender for you – at least from your perspective. But then again, our service is based on making sure that we do all the hard work, take the stress away from you and simply provide for you the answer you’re hoping to hear: Yes! We have a match!

Think about that old saying about ducks gliding effortlessly across the surface of a pond or river – calm and serene up top, furiously paddling below the surface. We strive to ensure that your loan application is much like that: you calmy applying and waiting for a fast response, while we busily match your details and data to a number of lenders in our expansive, nationwide network to find you the best fit.

So how much effort does all this take on your part? Usually only about 5-7 minutes worth. Yes, our online loan application process is that concise and it feeds seamlessly into a way of working that can have a positive indication back to you the very same day.

These days, it seems like most things needed to happen yesterday and everything else is moving at the speed of light. That being the case, you need a team behind the scenes that is ready when you are and provides you with what you need – quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Hassle-free convenience at your fingertips with our simple loan application

This is exactly what you hoped for, it’s what you need and it’s what we’ve been providing for our clients to ensure that they get access to fast cash and variety of other loan types depending on their needs and circumstances. And let’s face it, we are not talking about mortgages or large business loans. The majority of the time, clients seek us out because they want a fast outcome for a loan application so that they can:

  • glide through to their next pay period with a quick and easy payday loan
  • snap up tickets or a quick purchase for a nice getaway, you know, life stuff
  • take advantage of a great cash only price on something significant like a collectors’ item set of wheels that they just can’t let slip through their fingers
  • attend to those emergency repairs that can spring up in the home or apartment or bring things to a grinding halt when the vehicle just… stops!

In these cases, nobody wants to be kept waiting. Nobody wants to have to negotiate complicated application processes with reams of unnecessary paperwork. In fact, if they can save time by applying in their own time from wherever they happen to be, all the better. Well, MeLoan ticks all those boxes and our process is simple.

From wherever you happen to be, all you need to do is:

  • click here [link to apply now] and you’ll be taken to our loan applications
  • populate the required fields with the essential details (nothing more, just the essentials) and, without you having to lift a finger, your now heavily-encrypted data will be processed and matched to the most suitable lenders
  • That’s it really. Your part is done. It’s over to us to find you the right lender and usually you’ll hear from us later that day.

That’s all there is to matching you with a lender that understands your situation and needs and is in a position to help. Following that, your details are passed on for final approval and then the fun part: funding your project/repairs/holiday/purchase. And the best part is that you’ll only have to do this once because we search our entire national database of lenders for the match you’re looking for.

You can find out more about how it all works right here [link to how it works] or contact us [link to contact page] for more information anytime you like.

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