How our
MeLoans Work

We want you to have your loan approved with just one easy application - without the stress

How our MeLoans Work

Apply in only 4 Easy Steps

MeLoan is the final step between you and your next personal loan. Don’t waste time applying to multiple lenders.

Increase your chances of getting approved for a personal loan with just one application with MeLoan. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - Apply Online
Step 1 - Apply Online
Step 2 - Get an Outcome
Step 2 - Get an Outcome
Step 3 - Meet your New Lender
Step 3 & 4 - Meet your New Lender! Get Your Cash
Apply Online

1Step One
You Apply Online

At MeLoan, we like to keep things simple. We’ll only ask for your essential details so that we can find the best possible match for you.

As a result, our online application should only take you around 8 minutes to complete and then you’ll be one step closer to getting the loan you need!

All information we collect will also be heavily encrypted, so you can feel safe knowing your data is secured.

We Give You an Outcome

2Step Two
We Give You
an Outcome

As soon as we receive your application, we’ll get to work finding you the right lender.

Usually, we’ll have a response for you within the same day you apply but keep an eye on your email for any updates. We’ll be in touch if we successfully find you a match.

Online Loans - MeLoan

3Step Three
It’s Time to Meet
Your New Lender

If we find you a lender then it’s time to say our goodbyes. We’ll pass your details on to your new lender for final approval and disbursement of your loan.

MeLoan doesn’t have any say in how your loan is structured, so we encourage you to do your own research to ensure your lender is the perfect match before you sign a loan agreement.

4Step Four
Time to Receive Your Money!

Once you’ve accepted your loan contract and have all the details in what you’ll repay, and when, your lender will shoot your funds over to you.

Too easy!