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How Much Do You Need? $ 2500

How Much Do You Need?

$ 2500

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For How Long?

12 Month

For How Long? 12 Month

Estimated Repayments







Important Info - Read me first

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The maximum you will be charged is 48% (comparison rate 66.07% pa). Representative example: based on a loan of $2,500 over 24 months.

** WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

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Online Loans By Meloan

Meloan is a Loans Online website empowering you the user with the ability to borrow or loan money online quickly and safely in Australia small loans and loans online are extremely popular we understand the growing need for fast money so we decided to bring you the Meloan Loans Online product. A product that is the right way and an online loans product that is also safe, secure, and seamless with a multi-award-winning loan online or online loans application process within 7 minutes of commencing the Loans Online journey Meloan can securely house all of your personal information and submit your application for approval all within the click of the button.

Applying for an Online Personal Loan with Meloan is simple, fast and 100% online from the comfort of your home or office. There are no paper forms to fill out and you could have the cash in your account in as little as 24 hours^. You can apply for an Online Personal Loan any time of day or night, 7 days a week with our easy online application form.

What are the benefits of taking out an Online Personal Loan with Meloan?

- Competitive rates: We compare our rates against other leading lenders so you can be confident you're getting a competitive deal.

- Quick approval: We know when you need cash, you need it fast! That's why we try to give you an outcome on

We live in a FAST paced world, the loan way of life is no longer like what it was years ago with traditional loans being extremely RIGID and EXTREMELY hard to get approved, Meloan has put a hard STOP on traditional ways of getting a small loan, and that is with our robust secure Loans Online product, a product first in its field that has served over 3.4 million Aussies to date is one of the fastest & most secure online loan application. 

Sometimes we want the ability to have a partner when in need of some extra cashflow and the Online Loans product should not be stigmatized one group of clientele or borrowers, it is an Online Loans product open to ALL the feedback that Meloan has received has been overwhelming, in November 2020 we celebrated our 1 millionth loan and were grateful that in Australia we were a preferred choice of trust and security for 90% of users looking for a Loan Online.

Are you looking for a cash loan larger than $20,000? well try CashPal, they offer loans up to $30,000. They offer the below loans 

- Same Day Loans 

- Short Term Loans

- No Credit Check Loans 


No not that type of pole? A POLL  we proudly polled 100,000 previous applicants who had piloted the Loans Online with Meloan and had a somewhat interesting result below are some of the types of ways and feedback.

91.3% of Loans Online Applicants were financially sound.
51.2% of applicants trusted Meloan immediately
34.5% of applicants needed to paid their Loans Online FAST
14% of applicants required a online in excess of $20,000
99.9% of applicants rated as the best & easiest website in the industry
99.9% of said they would use for small loans or Loans Online again
22.3% of applicants had used before.
100% said they would refer again & again.

So here at Meloan we took these results and dug our heels into how we make the process seamless with ONE goal, a goal to make Meloan the best Small loan & Loans Online company in the country, to date has been proud of its clients & achievements we won't stop here.


online loan

 Why Meloan Loans Online?

Why not is more of the question, did you know we invested nearly 90% of our revenues to rebuild a portal that can house & securely submit a Small loan or Online Loans application in under 5 minutes? Yep you read that right you can apply for a Loan or Loans Online within 5 minutes, and our original principles have not changed, the main one being we will  NOT get STICKY with why you want an Online Loan or Online Loans, the reason is we just understand that in 2022 the need for credit or instant cashflow is high BUT the reasoning differs some of the types of reasons generally can be found below.

Loans Online (General Usage Information)

Holiday Loans Online
Cash Loans
Cash Loans Online
Instant Boat Loans
Jet Ski Loans
Funeral Loans
Fast Funeral Loans
Home Renovation loans
Small loans online for mobile phones
Computer Loans Online
Car Loans Online
Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit
Payday Loans
Instant Cash Loans
Quick Cash Loans
Short Term Loans
Same Day Loans
Personal Loans

 As mentioned earlier these are general categorizations and we know the reasons vary, so our Meloan Loans Online promise to you is that we will not get sticky as to why your personal reason is to apply online for a fast online loan, also known as Online Loans.

Online Loans is the most popular form of borrowing money in 2022, with the world we are currently in the need to borrow money online and fast is becoming more and more popular, our stance is clear if you need help or assistance we are here.

We have hundreds of verified FAQs on this website to help & comfort you through the process.

Online Loans – Warning

We also believe that if you are borrowing money or submitting a Meloan Online Loans application to repay debt or gamble we highly recommend you stop here, and the reason is that Online Loans is a gap in the loan marketplace to help and further lend to users need money fast if you are not able to make current debt repayments borrowing more cannot help & we highly recommend a financial advisor to help you consolidate, and if your applying with the intention to Gamble stop here as well because you have the power the stop & Meloan practices safe spending and monitor applicants who choose Loans Online as their preferred option.

More About Online Loans

Online Loans, truly was created to cater to the overwhelming number of applicants who prefer to borrow or lend Online, some of us just can't get to a bank or a loan centre but with 95% of the country online its a no brainer for a pioneer loan company like MeLoan & LeadPal to have joined forces that helped enable you the new way of borrowing with Online Loans By Meloan.

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